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Monarch: Lessen Your Burden

When you travel out of town for that Broadway show, you will need to make sure to have a good luggage cart. Just like when you step into that hotel you will see those hotel luggage carts, sometimes called Bell-Man Carts, so too you also need a solid travel cart.

Monarch hand trucks are well known for luggage carts and hand carts. If you are tired of moving heavy loads, it is time to find out more about Monarch hand carts.

Moving a lot of heavy stuff can be very frustrating and exhausting. It makes you pour a lot of sweat. It can make you tired. Do you want to lessen that burden? Call for help. Why not try moving all your stuff with hand trucks?

Hand trucks are push carts with platform on wheels. You just need a push (or even a pull) to make your work going. Of course, you will not escape this challenging task, but at least you can lessen it with a hand truck.

One particular hand truck type used to move luggage in hotels and motels is the bellman cart. These carts are very helpful in tourism businesses. However, finding the right bellman carts can be quite confusing. You’re all set to go as long as you pick the right brand. However, upon doing your shopping, you noticed that choosing a bellman cart brand is somewhat difficult. If you will pick one brand, try Monarch hand trucks.

Are you on a tight budget but is in great need of a luggage cart? Then the Monarch brand is just right for you. Monarch won’t rob your money away since this brand comes at a very competitive price. Their bellman carts are of top quality and you can rely on them for a long time. This hand truck brand also offers you a wide range of selection. Each hand truck is tailored with a very unique style and gorgeous finishes that will meet your needs. This makes Monarch stands out from any other hand truck brands.

If you are already itching to have one, don’t worry. Monarch has many available stocks and is ready to ship. In just a few days, you can have your stylish Monarch hand truck. This is indeed a very great choice for a hotel setting or a condominium setting.

Depending on each model, the loads you can carry differ. Don’t get too excited putting stuff on your Monarch hand trucks. Read first and determine its weight capacity. With overloading, no matter how durable the cart, it won’t stand the weight it’s not meant to carry. A typical Monarch luggage cart is durable enough to carry 1000 pounds of load at one time.

To determine the best bellman cart for you, determine your needs. If you only need to carry middle weight luggage, you can choose the standard duty hand trucks. If you mean to carry very big and very heavy luggage frequently, choose the heavy duty types with higher weight capacity.

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