Escalera: Escalate to New Heights

Escalera is the brand known for stair climbers, the specialized tools to help move heavy loads through stairs. If you are looking for the best deals, you have to read further below.
Do You Struggle with Moving Stuff?
Do you have some loads to haul? Sure thing, ordinary hand trucks can help you haul a lot of stuff like boxes, file cabinets, furniture, appliances and more. They can help you move anywhere on rough terrains as long as the path seems even in one way or another. However, can your hand truck help you moving your stuff when faced with stairs?
If standard heavy duty carts are the kings of the terrains, then stair climbing types are the rulers of the sky. We all know that not all hand trucks are designed to move upstairs. You really need a specialized hand truck tailored for this task. Choose the hand trucks with stair climbing capacity. You don’t know which brand to choose? Pick Escalera!
Escalera as the Best Stair Climber Machines
As far as stair climbers are concerned, Escalera has made it to become one of the top brands. They are now belonging to a world rank quality manufacturer of stair climbing hand trucks. They have already gained 45 years of experience in their field. Thousands of customers rely on their top quality stair climbing products. Thus, Escalera has become the best solution for those people who have something to move upstairs.
Two Best-selling Products
This leading stair climbing manufacturer offers two basic types of products. The first one is the Escalera Staircat Stair Climber while the second one is Escalera’s stair climbing forklift. Under these two basic types are several models you can choose from. They have a wide range selection of models that can surely meet your specific moving and lifting needs. Not only that, you can create your own model too! You can also customize your stair climbing hand trucks by personally choosing which parts to use and assemble. You can also add some useful accessories!
The Escalera Staircat Stair Climber
The staircat model is a type of hand truck that is engineered with aluminum. It is designed to be tough and more durable than magnesium. Despite that, it is lighter than steel material. The average size of a staircat is: 24 inches (width) and about 60-72 inches (height). When you purchase this product, you will also get a battery along with its charger and safety strap. It can carry a load of 700 pounds to 1200 pounds. Many people find it a great tool for moving pianos.
Escalera Stair Climbing Forklifts
On the other hand, the Escalera Stair Climbing Forklifts are also made from tough tempered aluminum alloy material. These are built with steel lift frames and 20 inch long forks that enable you to raise a load up to 54 inches high. All forklifts can carry a load of 1200 pounds.
With Escalera’s powered stair climbers, you can ease your worry on moving things upstairs. Make your job easy and fast with Escalera. Order one today at

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